Virtual This & Digital That …

Although there were bumps along the way, we are gratified knowing tree care businesses survived and even thrived during COVID-19. For the Tree Care Industry Association, an organization that advances tree care businesses by providing connections, resources and training to the tree care business community, the phrase “adapt and overcome” describes our last 13 months. […]

Paying It Forward

In these crazy and uncertain times, it is reassuring to be part of a tight-knit industry where the people quite literally watch out for one another. At least, that is the way it is from my perspective, and I hope from yours as well. I would like to use this column to give some credit […]

Keeping an Eye on Changes in D.C.

Sometime over the weekend after voting, the electoral votes were tallied. Although some of the voting was still in dispute, and Georgia was looking at runoff elections to fill Senate seats, we have a clearer idea of what the next four years might look like for our industry from a legislative and regulatory point of […]

One-handing…the other pandemic

Usually I find arborists (real arborists) to be among the most safety-conscious people there are. Usually when there’s an OSHA rule or an ANSI Z133 requirement, I find arborists trying to comply and do the right thing. Usually. As an industry and as a profession, in the U.S. anyway, we are way out of whack […]

Fall Showcase Issues

Unless you are a brand-new reader to this publication, you probably know that, due to COVID-19, TCIA opted not to hold TCI EXPO this year, which had been scheduled for the end of October in Baltimore, Maryland. Not surprisingly, every other arboricultural trade show or conference scheduled between June and December either canceled outright or […]

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