Join Us at EAW San Diego – The Business of Safety

We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you for TCIA’s Executive Arborist Workshop (EAW) San Diego – The Business of Safety, a premier event focused on the crucial aspects of safety in the tree care industry. TCIA is proud to bring you this exclusive opportunity to enhance your knowledge, expand your networking and elevate your business.

Following is a sample of some of the programming highlights.

Preconference events

Accreditation Walk-Through Site Visit: Join us for a unique opportunity to visit Rancho Coastal Tree Care, an eight-year TCIA member company based in San Diego, led by its CEO, Joseph Eaves, as staff prepare for the company’s upcoming re-Accreditation audit. Explore the various aspects of the Accreditation process and gain valuable insights. Transportation and lunch included.

Headshot of a woman with black hair and a black sweater
Alison Herrell

Expand Your Skillset with Diagnostics: Hosted by TCIA’s Women in Tree Care Initiative, Alison Herrell from Rainbow Ecoscience will enlighten you on how understanding chemistry can contribute to the growth of your business.

Headshot of a woman in a blue raincoat in the forest
Andrea Starbird

Leveraging Nontraditional Skills in Arboriculture: Learn how to plan your career in the tree care industry by utilizing your transferable skills, with Andrea Starbird, urban forestry planner with PlanIT Geo.

Headshot of a woman with long blond hair and a blue shirt
Drue Morris

Building a Career in Arboriculture from the Ground Up: Drue Morris, CTSP, Certified Arborist, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified, will share her journey from humble beginnings to success, providing valuable insights into navigating the tree care industry. She is a municipal arborist for the city of Bainbridge, Washington, and a former crew leader based in Seattle, Wash., for Bartlett Tree Experts, and a former production arborist at two other companies.

Educational workshops

Headshot of a woman with dark curly hair
Mundy Wilson Piper

Creating a Safety Culture: Mundy Wilson Piper, TCIA peer-group facilitator, will guide you through methods for effectively engaging all employees and instilling a safety-oriented culture within your organization.

Headshot of a man in a black shirt
Larry Martony

Jumping Over Quarters to Save Pennies: Discover strategies for achieving higher levels of success in your company, with Larry Martony, managing partner at The Arbor Group, a second-year TCIA member company based in Irvine, Calif.

Headshot of a man in a baseball cap and blue shirt
Led Day

Creating an Effective Safety Plan: Hollis Day, corporate safety director at Mountain F. Enterprises, a 14-year TCIA member company based in Folsom, Calif., will provide a step-by-step approach to developing and maintaining a strong and effective safety plan.

OSHA Compliance from the Owner’s Perspective: Join Peter Gerstenberger, senior vice president (SVP) of industry support at TCIA, as he covers everything you need to know about OSHA compliance from a business-owner’s standpoint.

Twenty Years of Insights: Unveiling the Lessons Learned from TCIA Accreditation: TCIA’s Accreditation program encompasses six domains that contribute to the success of a tree care company. Bob Rouse, SVP of business support at TCIA, will enlighten you on these aspects of Accreditation.

Woman in green shirt wearing a helmet and safety glasses in a harness hanging in a tree
Megan Bujnowski

Bridging the Gap Between the Office and Field: Megan Bujnowski, CEO of Upward Training and Development LLC, will share strategies to improve communication between different employees within your organization.

Headshot of man with a blue background and a blue shirt
Pat Turley

Incorporating Safety into Daily Operations: Pat Turley, president of Arbor Masters Tree Service, an accredited, 25-year TCIA member company based in Shawnee, Kansas, will assist you in creating an actionable plan to ensure that safety is at the core of your daily operations.

Networking opportunities

Experience the unique networking opportunities offered at EAW. Engage in workshops that foster collaboration and learning from fellow attendees. Don’t miss the special networking event where you’ll have the chance to work together and accomplish tasks that cannot be done alone.


Headshot of a woman in blue shirt standing in front of tree
Adrienne Ashcraft

Mental-Health Safety: Join Adrienne Ashcraft from The Davey Tree Expert Company and Megan Bujnowski from Upward Training and Development as they explore the wider scope of safety, discussing mental health and its impact within the tree care industry.

Insurance and Risk Management: Learn from industry experts representing insurers Hub, Rancho Mesa, Hartford, NIP and ArboRisk as they delve into topics such as errors & omissions (E&O), severity, environmental risks and executive risks. Discover how implementing effective risk-management practices can lower your overall insurance costs.

Industry Experts: Our panel of industry experts will be available to address any questions you have regarding various issues, concerns, updates and innovations in the tree care industry.

Join us at EAW San Diego – The Business of Safety for a transformative experience where you can enhance your knowledge, expand your networking and elevate your business.

Thank you to our sponsors: ArboRisk, HUB Arbor Group, Rancho Mesa Insurance, ICW Group and DPL Telematics for making this all possible!

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