Tree Service Express: Achieving Goals Through Accreditation

According to Certified Arborist Nick Rocco, CTSP and president of Tree Service Express, Inc., a nine-year TCIA member company based in Palm Bay, Florida, going through the Accreditation process and achieving his company’s certification was just the motivation he needed to go after some of his long-time goals. He’s been operating Tree Service Express since […]

Career Pathways in Tree Care

One of the definitions for a pathway is “a way of achieving a specified result,” or “a course of action.” Accordingly, a career pathway outlines the specific steps needed in a progression toward a career goal. This article will discuss career pathways for tree care. Throughout the course of my career as an arborist, I’ve […]

Employees often leave when retention is not focused on;

Why Did They Quit?

That hopeless feeling when a key member of your team tells you they have decided to leave. The helpless feeling of being blindsided. A million things race through your mind, mostly “Why?” We all have, unfortunately, had this experience. As an arborist, I am often called out to meet with people who tell me their […]

Trying to Track Credentials? There’s a Tool for That!

In commercial tree care, industry-specific licenses, certifications, training and credentialing are important. The education behind the credentials builds skills, knowledge and safety habits in the field. Holding the various credentials provides proof of the training. But human nature being what it is, employees historically have poor track records for tracking their bona fides, according to […]

Arborists discovering new potential areas of opportunity through chainsaw training.

The Power of Potential: Planting Seeds for Success

“Kendra, I think you are going to do wonderfully at this next task. You have a good eye for detail, and that’s exactly what’s required here.” “Tom, you have a real knack with people, and I’d like you to take on a temporary role in account management. I think you will thrive based on what […]

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