Business (Accreditation) Profiles

TCIA Recognizes Top-20 Accredited Tree Care Companies of 2022

This 2022 list of top performers, featuring companies of varied backgrounds, exemplifies how the Accreditation program is designed to both recognize companies that are performing at the highest level and help new and small companies improve their operations

Tree Service Express: Achieving Goals Through Accreditation

According to Certified Arborist Nick Rocco, CTSP and president of Tree Service Express, Inc., a nine-year TCIA member company based in Palm Bay, Florida, going through the Accreditation process and achieving his company’s certification was just the motivation he needed to go after some of his long-time goals. He’s been operating Tree Service Express since […]

Accreditation helps shape Monster Tree Service of North Charlotte Metro

Becoming TCIA accredited as a young company was important to Chris Brown, owner of three-year-old Monster Tree Service of North Charlotte Metro, based in Cornelius, North Carolina. “Operating a young company and with significant growth aspirations, I really felt it was important to start building a strong professional foundation early on, while we are still […]

Excellence, Not Growth, Motivates Accredited Tip Top Arborists

Creating a tree care business based on integrity and quality control has been the focus of Jim Lewandowski’s career as owner of Tip Top Arborists, Inc., a 27-year TCIA member company based in Lancaster, California. Tip Top earned its TCIA Accreditation in January of this year, and Lewandowski and his wife, Susan Beck, couldn’t be […]

Double the Fun at Wm. J. Kucharski Tree Care Paves the Way to Accreditation

Keeping Wm. J. Kucharski Tree Care Professionals, LLC, in the family has been a point of honor and distinction for the founder and father, Bill, and his sons, Pete and Ty, who just happen to be identical twins. The business, based in Milford, New Hampshire, is a 32-year TCIA member company and became accredited in […]

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