Bank failures

Managing Cash and Avoiding Bank Failures

The recent wave of bank failures has put a new focus on the security and stability of financial institutions. Even with protections in place, a bank’s failure can be disruptive. It can cause delays and confusion regarding access to funds, particularly the potential impact on the funding so necessary to every commercial tree care business. […]

Tree crew working to clear trees with a large crane

Purchasing Tree-Service Equipment- Maximizing Margin

Too often, we see businesses in equipment-intensive industries making purchases just to have shiny new equipment. Often, they purchase equipment before understanding the return on investment (ROI), i.e., how much money they will make using that item. A better plan is for tree-service companies to acquire new equipment with the goal of maximizing profit margins.With […]


How much wood could a woodchuck chuck …? While the answer to that old tongue twister of a riddle may not be clear, the answer to how much wood a tree care company chips is easier – too much. This is according to the operators of some tree care companies who shared their concerns about […]

Demystifying Succession Planning: What’s Next for the Future of Your Business?

This is the first in a series TCI Magazine will run in the coming months looking at exit and succession strategies for owners of tree care businesses. The series will delve deeper into some of the options discussed in this first article, as well as other methods of transition. Starting a business begins with identifying […]

A New Reality in Equipment Financing: The Environment Has Changed

If you run a commercial tree care company, finance experts say now might be the right time to buy. The COVID-19 pandemic that shut down much of the country starting in 2020 did not have a terrible impact on the tree care industry. In fact, after an initial shutdown of a few weeks, many owners […]

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