Telematics: Tracking Your Fleet Pays in Many Ways

The pandemic of 2020-21 created another trend for tree care companies, Tony Nicoletti observes. At a time when schedules are full and supply-chain delays have slowed manufacturing, there’s been an increase in stolen equipment. “One of the big issues that’s become more prevalent during the pandemic is the incidence of theft,” says Nicoletti, director of […]

Maximizing Compensation From Vehicle Accidents

Accidents involving company vehicles happen all the time, whether the company driver is at fault or not. Even with proper signage indicating tree work is in progress, “Companies that park their units on the roadway, like those in the tree industry, tend to have a higher not-at-fault incident rate,” says Brian Ludlow, executive vice president […]

How to Avoid Failing Roadside Inspections

TCI Magazine asked a few member companies how they manage adherence to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations in order to avoid failing roadside inspections. Among the points they seemed to agree on is that a broken lightbulb is enough to get a truck put out of service, and that the cost and effort it takes […]

Having a Good Business Is Good Business

The tree business is, above all else, a business, and revenue must be produced, but there are important issues to be considered. You must handle requests for safety guarantees, share modern thinking about tree care and manage your clients and the legal issues around trees as you, hopefully, conduct your business in an ethical manner. […]

Work, Eat, Play: Employee Mentoring and Retention

During TCIA’s Virtual Summit’21, held this past January, I discussed motivating employees to grow. Specifically, I discussed moving a person from being motivated extrinsically to intrinsically. In other words: How do we inspire someone to grow from a grunt-worker simply collecting a paycheck to a self-motivated, committed employee? Ultimately, a great employee will have the […]

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