Melissa LeVangie Ingersoll

Arborist Forum: Transitioning From Field to Office

For an arborist, transitioning from working in the field full time to working in an office is not easy. There is no guidebook to help you navigate your new challenges. Most arborists who enter this career share similar traits – they love to be active, love to be outdoors, love learning by “doing” and appreciate […]

tree care workers training

Five Keys to Protecting Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset: Its People

Your company’s most precious cargo is its people. Each day that you walk into your office, establishment or organization, you are responsible for cultivating the culture. You are responsible for fostering a workplace culture that is one based on commitment and trust. As you nurture and grow the culture of your workplace, it is imperative […]

tree crew members on job site

Managing Chippers, Stumpers and Crews for Efficiency

Because we live in an age where every second counts and, to employ an old business axiom, time is money, why on earth would a tree care company want its most skilled crew members on cleanup, running chippers and stump cutters? That’s the question posed to a group of TCIA member companies. The idea, we […]

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Beyond Training – A Four-Factor Performance-Improvement Model

As the director of safety for a large commercial tree care company, I believe in the benefits of training. I also believe that employee development contributes to organizational improvements in safety, productivity and quality. I know that training can provide employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to boost performance. However, I have also found […]

Building Champion Mindsets

Mindset. That is, set your mind. It’s funny how simply switching around the sequence of words can trigger a new understanding of something commonly referenced. “Mindset” is a word thrown around frequently in all performance domains – check, it’s even in our tagline. But have you ever stopped to think about what “Building Championship Mindsets” […]

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