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Beyond Training – A Four-Factor Performance-Improvement Model

As the director of safety for a large commercial tree care company, I believe in the benefits of training. I also believe that employee development contributes to organizational improvements in safety, productivity and quality. I know that training can provide employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to boost performance. However, I have also found […]

Building Champion Mindsets

Mindset. That is, set your mind. It’s funny how simply switching around the sequence of words can trigger a new understanding of something commonly referenced. “Mindset” is a word thrown around frequently in all performance domains – check, it’s even in our tagline. But have you ever stopped to think about what “Building Championship Mindsets” […]

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The Foundations of a Good Time-Management Strategy

It is my belief that before we begin plugging things into our calendars, we should take a deep look at what we value most. What are the most meaningful things in our lives that move our needle toward a rich life? Although these things will differ for each of us, the struggle to balance vocation […]

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