Report Finds IVM Can Be Greener and Less Costly for ROW Management

A team led by consultant John Goodfellow has developed an economic model to show that integrated vegetation management, or IVM, is both cheaper and greener than simply mowing utility rights of way. When we flick on the lights, we give little thought to the complex network of generating stations and power lines that instantly supplies […]

Injecting Safety and Profits into Pesticide and Herbicide Controls

The concept of injection of plantcare materials directly into trees has been around for two generations and continues to grow in popularity – and acceptance – as a weapon in the fight against disease and insect pests as well as a tool for the introduction of essential nutrients. The benefits touted for this practice – […]

The Three C’s of a Contract Climber’s Commitment

So you’ve decided to make the move to build your own company and be your own boss. The freedom to select the types of jobs you love and the flexibility to create your own schedule are attractive to you. Perhaps you can out-climb any of your contemporaries and you’ve hit the payroll ceiling at your […]

tree-inventory software

Tree-Inventory Software: Taking Technology to the Trees

Cubical life isn’t for everyone. Countless articles and blogs outline the many reasons desk jobs are terrible for your health. Furthermore, the technology used at work also causes problems, such as typing too much leads to carpal tunnel syndrome and staring at a screen harms your vision. On the flip side, research has shown that […]

snow covered roads

Snow and Ice Versus Tree Care

Snow removal can be an important part of your tree care operation. It also can be a good break from doing tree work. Snow removal can be as simple as slapping a plow on your three-quarter-ton pickup or as involved as using every piece of equipment in your fleet, from your pickups and loaders to […]

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