Storm Work – Part 2: Tree Care Makes Way for First Responders

Once the dust (or snow or mud or rain) settles following a storm, who are the first first responders? Ask anyone who’s worked a storm or other natural disaster, and they will tell you that the true first responders are tree care crews. Without them police, fire and other emergency workers, oil, gas and electrical […]

Social Media for the Modern Arborist

So what does “social media for the modern arborist” mean? I am here to tell you how to use social media to your advantage, how to not be scared of it and how to embrace it. I’m sure you are thinking you don’t have time for social media, you don’t know where to start or […]

Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance? Just About Everyone.

Professional liability insurance is also referred to as errors and omissions (E & O), or, in the tree care industry, arborist E & O. Professional liability coverage is designed to protect the arborist from liability incurred because of errors and omissions when providing professional services. Most of the work of a consulting arborist qualifies as […]

Building Champion Mindsets

Mindset. That is, set your mind. It’s funny how simply switching around the sequence of words can trigger a new understanding of something commonly referenced. “Mindset” is a word thrown around frequently in all performance domains – check, it’s even in our tagline. But have you ever stopped to think about what “Building Championship Mindsets” […]

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The Foundations of a Good Time-Management Strategy

It is my belief that before we begin plugging things into our calendars, we should take a deep look at what we value most. What are the most meaningful things in our lives that move our needle toward a rich life? Although these things will differ for each of us, the struggle to balance vocation […]

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