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Climbers’ Work Wear: What Features Check the Boxes for You?

If clothes make the man – or woman, as the case may be – then what does that say about the choices in work wear made by climbers? Every piece of clothing a climber puts on must be functional in the extreme, so consequently, the choices he or she makes in work wear often reflect […]

A Passion for Tropical Arboriculture Leads to True Tree’s Accreditation

Hearing him speak, no one would doubt Drake Kurlander’s passion for the environment of South Florida and its tropical flora. The co-owner of True Tree Service, LLC, a five-year TCIA member company based in Miami, says he grew up in the area climbing its trees and studying the local ecology, and has seen many changes […]

Progressive Aerial Rescue: Is It an Afterthought?

We’ve been shorting ourselves. When it comes to aerial-rescue training, we, as an industry, have been spending too much time on the same few points while overlooking numerous critical points in the overall incident. We tend to approach the rescue with the mindset of “down to ground as soon as possible,” and then call it […]

The Tour des Trees Event Is Just Weeks Away

Several TCIA members are planning to take part in this year’s Tour des Trees cycling event to raise money for the Tree Research and Education Endowment Fund (TREE Fund). You can help by supporting their efforts. The Tour is an annual long-distance cycling adventure that serves as the primary public outreach and community-engagement event for […]

Work, Eat, Play: Employee Mentoring and Retention

During TCIA’s Virtual Summit’21, held this past January, I discussed motivating employees to grow. Specifically, I discussed moving a person from being motivated extrinsically to intrinsically. In other words: How do we inspire someone to grow from a grunt-worker simply collecting a paycheck to a self-motivated, committed employee? Ultimately, a great employee will have the […]

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