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The Jail Brake Lowering Device

If you missed TCI EXPO this year, then you missed out on the industry debut of the Jail Brake, which may signal the next generation of lowering devices for arborists. This device brings an innovative design to basal friction for lowering. Cast from aluminum and machined to a polished finish, the Jail Brake is designed […]

Planning Around Winter Emergencies

Back when I worked on a tree crew, I remember one particular January with a higher-than-average number of 10- to 15-degree F days and knee-deep snows. I couldn’t seem to add enough layers. Fortunately, the only lasting scar I carried away from that winter was a newfound love of coffee, after a sales arborist brought […]

But I’m a Visual Person!

It’s a funny thing for a magazine publisher to be saying, but we realize that reading may not be your thing, at least not all the time. In fact, we recognize there may be a segment of tree care professionals for whom reading is never the first choice when learning something new. Or perhaps it […]

New Year’s Eve

A number of years ago, I met a beautiful red-headed university professor. We went out to a favorite Mexican restaurant for chicken enchiladas, seated at a tiled outdoor patio under resplendent Modesto ash trees (Fraxinus velutina). We took majestic hikes in my favorite state park, Calaveras Big Trees State Park, in Calaveras County, California, which […]

Palm Saturday

Even at my ripe old age of 63, arboriculture always offers new challenges, besides finding my boots. As an arborist in the Northeast, the only encounters I have had with palms (not a tree) have been recreational. I had imagined it would remain that way until I was asked to take a look at a […]

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