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Is Self-Esteem Intrinsic to Meaningful Work, and Vice-Versa

Doing what you love and loving what you do. Is this simply an inverse parallelism, i.e., stating the same idea twice? Well, not exactly. When it comes to meaningful work, is the work meaningful as a matter of our own valuation of it, or is the work, simply by its necessity, important? All tasks, roles […]

Here Come the Basidiocarps: Seasonal Fruiting of Decay Fungi

Just like the seasonal progression of flowering in higher plants, the annual appearance of fruiting (production of mushrooms, conks, brackets and other fruiting structures) of wood-decay fungi is somewhat predictable. When decay fungi appear during the year can be a significant aid to identification. If nothing else, the timing of fruiting can help confirm the […]

Virtual This & Digital That, Part 2

Last month in this column (“Virtual This & Digital That…”), I talked about TCIA’s virtual/digital events. Online learning is an equally critical area within TCIA’s virtual/digital strategy. As you read this, TCIA has already moved all itscertificate-course testing online, and this summer and fall it has an ambitious plan to bring at least five training […]

Throwing Away Your Shot: The Basics of the Big Shot

If you are young, scrappy and hungry, don’t like throwin’ away your shot (with a nod to Hamilton) and just want to place your climbing line in a tree, then give a Big Shot a try. These heavy-duty slingshots-on-a-stick, available from  Notch Equipment and Jameson, can really improve your distance and accuracy with a throwline, […]

Apprenticeship Churns Out Line-Clearance Tree Workers in California

“Whoops” rang out as each trainee walked to the front of the class to claim a certificate. Those 11 happy souls had just graduated from a program at the College of the Sequoias in Tulare, California, with a completion document in Utility Line Clearance Arborist Training. To earn the credential, they took a five-week, 200-hour […]

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