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Utility Contractor Accreditation Gives Boost to Barnes Tree Service

Carrying on the family tree care business takes on new significance when that traditionally male-dominated business is taken over by two sisters. Such was the case when Kim Fleurent and her sister, Brenda Sylvia, CTSP, came into ownership of their father’s long-time tree care company, Barnes Tree Service, Inc., a 26-year TCIA member company based […]

Business-Auto Insurance: Rising Costs and Increased Claims Volume Pose New Challenges

For many tree care company owners, when evaluating their insurance portfolios, workers’ compensation has historically been the primary cause for concern. We now are seeing many tree care company owners shifting their attention to business-automobile insurance, and for good reason. The costs are going up, in some cases considerably. In recent months, I’m sure many […]

What goes around …

TCI Magazine launched in June 1990, and the first TCI EXPO was in held October of that year. This column is a reprint of the “Outlook” column from the December 1990 issue of TCI, when Robert Felix was the publisher and Peter Gerstenberger, now publisher, was associate editor. Some of its messages and the sentiments […]

Bend-and-Swing Rigging

OK, here’s what we had to do: Remove two bent birch trees (leaders) that were overhanging a beach. We couldn’t just drop them into the lake, because we had no way to fish them out of the water. They would be partially submerged and ridiculously heavy underwater, and they were already full-length leaders weighing close […]

Bringing a Safety Culture to PHC Operations

Safety culture in the tree care industry has come a long way over the past several decades. Recognition of safety within tree care is paramount due to the inherently dangerous nature of the work. While adherence to safety policies in traditional tree work has grown, another facet of our industry also has been growing – […]

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