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Battery-Powered Compact Aerial Lifts Are Making Inroads in Tree Care

Battery-powered compact lifts likely will be an expanding and permanent fixture in tree care, though it’s too early to know to what extent and which technology may prevail. Depending on who you talk to, battery-powered compact (or tracked) lifts are either fully functional and capable of replacing gasoline and diesel models in tree care, or […]

Rope sling selection at Crane Safety Climber School 2023

Crane Training, When Does It Begin and End?

Before running a new piece of equipment, we read the operator’s manual. That’s the first step in figuring out how anything works, correct? I would say training begins day one for any job or task we choose. Some tasks may take longer and be more in depth than others. Some require continuing education or updates. […]

Your crane generates for your company on a weekly basis? If it is out of service, are you covered for that?

Inland Marine Insurance: New Realities When Insuring Cranes, Lifts

In this article, we are going to discuss inland marine insurance policies, including equipment valuation, coverages and options, focusing primarily on insuring aerial lifts and cranes. Many TCI Magazine readers are well versed in what inland marine coverage is and how it works, but let’s start with a quick background and explanation of the coverage.Inland […]

Knuckleboom Best Practices, Part 2: Grapple Saws

This is the second part of a two-part series. Part 1, “Knuckleboom Crane Best Practices in Tree Care,” also by Ben Heller, ran in the February 2020 issue of TCI. Click here to read Part 1. All knuckleboom-crane best practices apply to operating with a grapple saw, and there are some additional things to keep […]

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