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tree-inventory software

Tree-Inventory Software: Taking Technology to the Trees

Cubical life isn’t for everyone. Countless articles and blogs outline the many reasons desk jobs are terrible for your health. Furthermore, the technology used at work also causes problems, such as typing too much leads to carpal tunnel syndrome and staring at a screen harms your vision. On the flip side, research has shown that […]

compact lift

CAUTION: Challenging Setups for Compact Lifts

A compact lift is only as safe and effective as its operator can make it – often a challenging task, especially in awkward or downright dangerous situations. And as much as manufacturers of this equipment are champions of their brands and the equipment’s efficacy in accessing tight spots, they also are to a person adamant […]

PPE: The Pros & Cons of Chain Saw Chaps vs. Pants

With the ever-increasing awareness of the need for safety in the tree care industry, it should come as no surprise that proper personal protection equipment (PPE) for those using chain saws is a major topic of conversation. Manufacturers of chain saw chaps and pants say they are working hard to stay on top of the […]

knuckleboom crane in use

Knuckleboom Crane Best Practices in Tree Care

Until just over four years ago, I barely knew what a knuckleboom crane was – and I may not be alone! Now it seems they are all I think about. There has been a dramatic rise in popular use of knuckleboom cranes for tree work since TCI EXPO 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where we got […]

grapple saw cutting a tree

If You Build It, Will They Come? Keeping Your Grapple Saw Busy

The versatility of the grapple-saw crane, also called a boom-mounted grapple saw, is advantageous to many tree-service professionals. The majority of these businesses have purchased and used the rig for their own operations. Others use it to subcontract. In this article, we’ll look at how the owner of a grapple-saw crane can market his or […]

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