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Rope Logic Scannable technology

Rope LogicScannable technology

Rope Logic, a builder of custom rope solutions for a wide selection of rope from top manufacturers, will now include Scannable on all products the brand produces. Rope Logic, a Vertical Supply Group (VSG) brand, provides expert spliced and sewn products customized to fit the needs of professionals who work at height. Crafted solutions include […]

Mecalac new compact-loader line

Mecalac new compact-loader line

Mecalac now has a line of compact loaders new to the North American market. Comprised of six models, including the MCL2, MCL4, MCL4+, MCL6, MCL6+ and MCL8, the series is designed for versatility and agility, with new hydraulic and maneuverability options, such as M-Drive and Speed Control. The M-Drive and Speed Control features are designed […]

Your crane generates for your company on a weekly basis? If it is out of service, are you covered for that?

Inland Marine Insurance: New Realities When Insuring Cranes, Lifts

In this article, we are going to discuss inland marine insurance policies, including equipment valuation, coverages and options, focusing primarily on insuring aerial lifts and cranes. Many TCI Magazine readers are well versed in what inland marine coverage is and how it works, but let’s start with a quick background and explanation of the coverage.Inland […]

North American Rescue Blood-Stopper Trauma Kits

This product review was performed for TCI Magazine by John Haehnel, CTSP, corporate director of safety training for Tree Care Partners, a first-year TCIA corporate member company based in Tempe, Arizona, and parent company of Tree Tech Inc., a dual- accredited, 36-year TCIA member company based in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The importance of having a well-stocked […]

Harness shackle

Equipment and Gear Inspection

Regardless of the increase in mechanization on the production-arborist job site, many tasks still require the fundamental equipment of rope, harness, connecting link, mechanical aids and other various pieces of climbing and rigging equipment. As such, basic equipment inspection is still a prerequisite skill for arborists working in the field. As with many fundamental skills, […]

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