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TCIA Supports Bill to Prohibit the Local Regulation of Pesticide Use

On May 5, 2022, TCIA, along with 158 other industry partners, signed on to a letter expressing support for H.R.7266, a bill to “amend the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) to prohibit the local regulation of pesticide use, and for other purposes.” As stated in the letter, the bill would, among other changes, […]

Embracing the Trades

Joining the popular narrative of “embracing the trades,” I wanted to share a personal story about my daughter, Hannah, and her work in the trades. During her high school years, there was a tremendous amount of pressure for Hannah to enroll in a four-year university program, with little communication regarding skilled-trade programs. She, like so […]

Study Defines Economic Benefits of Tree Care and Urban Forestry

We’ve known all along that urban forests are a vital component of our economy and environment, making significant financial contributions to local, state and national economies, as well as providing critical ecosystem services. Until recently, urban forestry economic numbers have typically been aggregated into the broader green industry. In a recent ground-breaking study led by […]

Finding the Why in Arboriculture

Why?” Such a simple question, but if you spend any time around a child, you will soon discover it may be one of the most complex and difficult questions to understand, and the complete answer to “Why?” is always changing, developing and fleeting. Children ask why to everything. When you deliver an answer, they pause, […]

Letters, Emails & Voicemail June 2022

Rick Howland takes a bow To TCIA and its members: After a 56-year career as a journalist, ranging from crime reporter to magazine owner/publisher to running my own pr/advertising agency, and including 28 years writing for TCI Magazine, with my May 2022 TCI article I’m calling it a career – I’m retired. I thank you […]

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