Letters to the Editor

Letters & Emails August 2021

A Picture Is Worth … I have been going through the article “An Analysis of Wood-Chipper Nonfatal Injuries: Us Versus Them” (TCI, July 2021). The information is on point. However, the pictures are not. This is not the first instance of this, either. If we are to lead the industry in knowledge and technology, then […]

Letters & Emails July 2021

Clarification on battery-operated chain saws Regarding your article, “Battery-Powered Chain-Saw Considerations” (TCI, June 2021), I noticed several areas where we could have been of assistance – or at least clarification. I mention this because your magazine has great reach and influence. We also want to make sure the category of products is represented correctly. Author: […]


Job cleanup?I am a Certified Arborist and business owner with 52 years’ experience, and usually enjoy your magazine. Most of your safety articles are informative and helpful. When you include pictures such as the one in “Cold-Weather Work Safety Precautions,” TCI February 2021, page 72, you show an example of not working safely. If one […]

LETTERS & EMAILS – April 2021

Leave OSHA out of Accident Briefs I appreciate your effort to broaden the scope of accident reporting for the tree care industry by including information from OSHA inspection reports. But these are of little use without specific details. A comprehensive listing of all related injuries would probably constitute a journal in itself. The “Accident Briefs” […]

March 2021 Letters & Emails

On removing deadwood In his article, “On Removing Deadwood, Part 1” (TCI, February 2021), Jeremiah Sandler states “… we reduced the length of the dead branches to a safe size. After we finished our pruning …” Did finishing the pruning involve removing the rest of the dead branches, or did reducing them to a safe […]

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