Letters to the Editor

March 2021 Letters & Emails

On removing deadwood In his article, “On Removing Deadwood, Part 1” (TCI, February 2021), Jeremiah Sandler states “… we reduced the length of the dead branches to a safe size. After we finished our pruning …” Did finishing the pruning involve removing the rest of the dead branches, or did reducing them to a safe […]

Clarification on The Guide

Thank you to TCI Magazine and Lindsey Purcell for a fine article, “Consulting: An Introduction to Plant Appraisal,” in the November 2020 issue about the 10th edition of The Guide for Plant Appraisal. It is well written and does a fine job with explanations regarding The Guide. As many know, there has been some controversy […]

When do you retire rigging rope?

I once told Don Blair I thought I could tell when to retire a line that had always been used in natural crotches by the visible wear, but I asked, “How do you know when to retire a line that has only been used with a block and a lowering device?” Kind of at a […]

Responding in kind…

At the beginning of March, our crew was doing a large job for Paxtang Boro that consisted of mostly tree removals of trees that were planted between the sidewalk and the curb and had outgrown the space in which they were originally planted. The job lasted for the entire week. Apparently, one resident of the boro […]

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