Fall Showcase Issues

Unless you are a brand-new reader to this publication, you probably know that, due to COVID-19, TCIA opted not to hold TCI EXPO this year, which had been scheduled for the end of October in Baltimore, Maryland. Not surprisingly, every other arboricultural trade show or conference scheduled between June and December either canceled outright or […]

The Question

A question asked of me recently has been weighing on my mind. When asked how I became involved with the tree care industry, my response was, “It happened by accident.” My answer really didn’t convey the entire scope or story, so I thought I would expound on it a bit. I enjoy listening to others’ […]

The Virtual Magazine

Over the last 30 years, TCI Magazine has built a large and very loyal readership. As we work hard to ensure that the print publication continues to expand the sphere of knowledge and aid in the professional growth of arborists everywhere, we also realize that people need and expect to receive their knowledge in different […]

How Much Experience is Enough?

As arborists – and ignoring for a moment what the outside world thinks of us – is there some experience threshold we reach when we can look in the mirror and say with assurance, “Experience? I’m good, thanks.” What about the other arborists who work with and for us? How much experience is enough? As […]

Beyond COVID-19

I wonder, when you’re reading this, what the state of our world will look like. Here in Pennsylvania, it has been almost two months to the day since our governor first issued the original stay-at-home order. Our lives have been disrupted swiftly and immensely. Adjustments made to manage during the new world of quarantining encompass […]

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