Staff at Joseph Tree Service LLC used an air excavation tool to decompact the soil around this red oak and lower the grade by 4 inches to establish proper root flare. They then added organic soil amendments. Photo courtesy of the author.

Modern Organic Amendments: A Practical Approach to Urban Soil Health

In my December 2022 article in TCI Magazine, “The Plight of Urban Soils,” a majority of the content focused on the issues with urban soils and how they are notably different from natural forest and prairie soils. There is mention of modern organic-matter (OM) products and how organic-matter inputs can help improve urban soils. (Photo […]

Tree-injection technology is seen as an alternative to banning individual control products in many states, according to Arborjet's Rob Gorden. Shown here is Arborjet's QUIK-jet Air injection tool. Photo courtesy of Arborjet.

What Are the Alternatives to Neonicotinoid Pesticides?

A ban on some uses of neonicotinoid pesticides in New Jersey will go into effect in fall 2023. With existing restrictions in five other states and at least 11 more states considering limiting use of the pesticides, it is time to look at what else is available to take their place for those providing care […]

Let’s Build Strong Foundations (We and the Trees) by Removing the Dirt on Top

You may be wondering what we and the trees have to do with foundations. For anything to be successful, it must have a strong foundation, and this is no different when we discuss tree health. While trees are amazingly resilient, many silently struggle for multiple reasons. One very common reason is how they were planted […]

Why Do Trees Care About Soil?

What are the basic components a tree needs to be healthy? My son was asked this in first grade last year for Arbor Day, which made me go back to the fundamentals. In general, plants need sunlight, air, water and nutrients. So, we know that nearly two-thirds of what trees need comes from the soil […]

The Plight of Urban Soils: A Combination of Stress Factors

What is soil? One of the most important characteristics of soil that is often overlooked is the fact that soil is alive. It’s not just alive in the sense that living things are some byproducts of soil or are simply occupying space in the soil. These living organisms are, quite literally, the only way plants […]

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