Diversity in the Industry

Desafíos que Enfrenta el Trabajador en la Industria de la Arboricultura

Challenges Faced by Spanish-Speaking Tree Workers and the Tree Care Industry Hay muchos desafíos para los trabajadores de habla hispana en la industria del cuidado de árboles en los Estados Unidos. Las barreras lingüísticas y culturales ocupan el primer y segundo lugar en la lista. There are many challenges for Spanish-speaking workers in the U.S. […]

Seasonal Worker Training in Mexico

Daniel Aburto Vidana is from Mexico and began working for Bartlett Tree Experts in North Carolina on an H-2B visa in 2005. He started as a ground worker and became a tree climber specialist, crew leader, plant health care specialist, Certified Arborist and CPR instructor. Along the way, and with the help of Bartlett, he […]

Kellie Dodds: Chief Executive Motivator

I’m settling into an empty office I’ve borrowed for this phone call, knowing it’s a quiet day because everyone else is at a trade show, and therefore it’s the best day to do some freelance work over my lunch break. No interruptions. Despite having this quiet space, I’m nervous as I do a last-minute check […]

women tree care workers

Ten Years Strong: Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop

When someone tells you, “You changed my life,” the goosebumps that swirl up from your toes to the top of your head cement how fragile we all really are. Ask someone, “Can you tell me something memorable you did 10 years ago?” and most people can’t even remember one thing they did last month. Ten […]

woman tree care worker in tree

Justina Kraus is Just a (First-Rate) Tree Care Worker

In the 1990s, Justina Kraus, now co-owner of Champion Tree Care, LLC, a TCIA member company based in Everett, Washington, began studying environmental horticulture at Lake Washington Technical College in Kirkland, Wash. “When I took the introductory class in urban forestry,” she says, “I realized I wanted to climb trees with a chain saw.” Unfortunately, […]

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