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“Not for the Knotless” – Untying a rigging knot for 40 years

I read “Not for the Knotless – Untying Rigging Knots” by Aaron Feather, in the June 2022 issue, with a smile, thinking about my introduction to untying knots. The guys I worked with were nice enough to show me the key for a bowline and a clove hitch. There was, however, one time I was stumped.

The climber placed a rope and ended up sending down a monkey’s fist. The climber watched as I struggled with it. I eventually got it untied, but I had to unravel the whole thing (there is a much easier way). When Rick got down, he starting laughing, saying, “I knew you wouldn’t be able to untie it.” Well, Rick, it’s 40 years later, and while I have no trouble tying a monkey’s fist half the time, I still get mixed up trying to untie it.

Colin Milde
Ramapo Tree & Shrub Care, LLC
Mahwah, New Jersey

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