Buckingham BuckGuard 2.0 Retractable Gaff Guard

Buckingham Manufacturing’s new and improved BuckGuard 2.0 Retractable Gaff Guard, model 6911, was developed so you never have to worry about losing a gaff guard again. Simply attach the BuckGuard 2.0 to the climber-retaining strap and secure the hook-and-loop fastener to the climber-pad strap. Once you are ready to climb, kick the gaff guards off and they will retract up onto your pads smoothly and easily. When not in use, the magnetic gaff guard will safely tuck away underneath the pad strap. A new, leather protective case now reduces the risk of potential breakage or damage to the retractor in most situations. The BuckGuard 2.0 also features a new, thicker construction, which doubles the size of the lip of the gaff guard. A new composition of the materials in the plastic also has doubled the strength of the magnetic gaff guards. (buckinghammfg.com)

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