Air Burners BioCharger portable waste-to-energy system


Air Burners Inc.’s new air-curtain burner is designed as an environmentally friendly, closed-looped system for managing vegetative waste and powering electric machinery fully off-grid. Launched in collaboration with Rolls-Royce and Volvo Construction Equipment, the BioCharger functions in three steps. First, it eliminates waste using air-curtain technology to minimize harmful particulate matter entering the atmosphere. Then, it converts residual heat energy into electric energy and stores it in a connected battery-storage module. Finally, with the accompanying charging mechanism, the BioCharger allows for off-grid electric vehicle and machinery charging, enough energy daily to recharge three to six battery-powered machines. Designed to eliminate up to 10 tons of vegetative waste per hour, the BioCharger retains enough energy to start itself and continue the cycle the next day. Fully portable, it can be relocated to a new site and operational in approximately six hours. (

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