All Access mini log truck

All Access’s new mini log truck with a crane and grapple, log body and lift carry deck will debut at TCI EXPO ’22. It is designed to be a versatile, light truck that requires no CDL (commercial driver’s license) to operate and to do the work of three vehicles, maximizing vehicle use. The Isuzu 19,500-gvw truck is equipped with a Fassi Crane with a 52-inch-opening, rotating log grapple operated by remote control. The deck is designed to carry a compact lift in such a way that the lift can be operated directly off the rear of the truck deck, much like a rear-mount bucket truck. Or simply lower the lift’s outriggers to the ground, raise the lift off the deck, drive the truck from under the lift, plop the lift onto the ground and drive the lift away. In log-truck mode, it can carry approximately 9,000 pounds, which could be 16 to 20 logs. (

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