CallHaul magnet-mount cellphone caddy

GearHaul, the makers of the SawHaul chain-saw scabbard, will debut the CallHaul Universal Cell Phone Caddy at TCI EXPO ’22. CallHaul is designed as a way for an operator to keep a phone handy while operating mobile machinery or equipment in the field. Place the device in the CallHaul and easily mount it to any ferromagnetic (steel, iron, etc.) surface. The power magnet is designed to hold securely with more than 50 pounds of straight pulling force, yet allows removal with just one hand. Easily move the CallHaul from one piece of equipment to another. It also is tethered for those times when one might get a little deep into the brush. The clear plexi-face snaps closed, securing the device from dust, dirt and debris while still allowing viewing to see who is calling, text messages and alerts. (

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