Diamond Mowers Twin Chisel Planer Teeth

Diamond Mowers’ new Twin Chisel Planer Teeth are made of hardened steel for maximum strength and impact resistance, and are designed for use with high-production environments and intermittent ground contact. These teeth are a standard feature across all Diamond Mowers depth-control, drum-mulching attachments for skid-steer, excavator and tractor platforms. Twin Chisel Planer Teeth were recently enhanced through a joint development with Quadco, which aimed to improve its cutting geometry and heat treatment to increase durability and reduce fracturing. Additionally, the tooth now is designed to index better in the holder to improve bolt retention and ease rotation. This change is intended to provide a longer effective life than other steel-tooth options. Twin Chisel Planer Teeth can be sharpened and maintained right on the drum, which enables operators to quickly sharpen the cutting edge before every use and avoid downtime in the field.

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