Echo’s new line of gas-powered chain saws

Echo is debuting four new gas chain saws at TCI EXPO ’22, including the CS-4010, CS-4920, CS-2511TN and CS-2511PN. Using a high-powered, 41.6cc, two-stroke engine, and with a dry weight of 9.4 pounds, the CS-4010 provides 13% more horsepower than the CS-400, and is designed for cutting firewood and for storm cleanup. The CS-4920 is equipped with a high-powered, 50.2cc, two-stroke, commercial-grade engine. Finally, designed to be the two lightest gas-powered chain saws in North America are the CS-2511TN and CS-2511PN. These saws feature the new SpeedCut Nano 80TXL cutting system, a smaller chain chassis optimized for saws in the 1- to 3-horsepower range. This system features a .325-inch, low-profile chain combined with a .043-inch gauge bar, as well as a system-specific sprocket to deliver increased cutting speed and a smoother cut. (

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