Mecalac 7MWR Wheeled Excavator

Mecalac’s 7MWR Wheeled Excavator offers a revolutionary design intended to address pain points often encountered with small-wheeled excavators. The up-to-16,204-pound machine is designed for outstanding stability and is 20% lower to the ground than similar products, making it easier and safer for the operator to get in and out. The design also improves accessibility for the operator, with direct access to the cab and the fuel tank from the ground. At the same time, the Mecalac 7MWR has a high ground clearance to reduce the risk of undercarriage damage from obstacles on the ground. Designed with a tight swing diameter, the compactness enhances in-turn mobility in narrow spaces with four steering wheels. Despite its compact size, the 55.4-kilowatt (75-horsepower) machine is designed to lift as much as 3 tons up to 3 meters (9.8 feet). The company’s patented, hydraulic quick-coupler is designed to enhance safety by enabling the operator to control it from the cab, while the bracket design makes it virtually impossible for the tool or bucket to detach while in operation.

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