DPL Telematics’ AssetView GPS tracking system

DPL Telematics’ new portable AssetView is a battery-powered GPS tracking solution for wireless monitoring of any asset to improve logistics, manage inventory and curb theft. The company promotes it as the industry’s smallest such device. The self-contained GPS tracking solution is designed to install in seconds, requires no external power and can last years on “off-the-shelf” batteries. Its proprietary Adaptive Tracking delivers that long battery life while actively alerting on curfew violations, movement or a geofence breach, as well as allowing the user to switch to Recovery Mode over the air. The AssetView is waterproof and has no long-term contract, so customers can deactivate and reactivate without penalty. Additional features and benefits include no external wiring or antenna; wireless, two-way communication; little to no sky view required; IP 67-rated and UV-stabilized design; compact and completely portable; global cellular coverage and LTE-network connectivity.

Learn more at www.dpltel.com.

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