Notch Flow Rope Wrench and Fusion Tether combo

Notch Equipment’s new Flow Rope Wrench and Fusion Tether combo is designed to allow climbers to customize friction on their ropes. Designed and developed in partnership with Kevin Bingham, the Flow Rope Wrench returns to the use of an adjustable bollard, which is an evolution from the ZK-1 model. The new Rope Wrench also features an improved ultra-low drag ascent that can be customized to a climber’s setup to save the climber’s energy. The Flow Rope Wrench is officially licensed from Singing Tree. In a single rope system (SRS), a rope wrench allows the climber to add friction to the rope when descending to easily control the rate of descent. The Flow Rope Wrench allows the climber to adjust the amount of friction to match the diameter of their rope. Notch Flow Rope Wrench features an adjustable, concave stainless-steel bollard, a stainless-steel slic pin for mid-line attachment of the climbing rope, hot-forged T6 7075 aluminum construction and rope-friendly chamfered edges. It fits ropes with diameters from 11-13mm (7/16-inch to ½-inch) and is designed for quick and efficient integration with Notch’s Fusion Tether or alternative tethers. (

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