Public Review Period for A300 Standards Consolidation Open Until February 13, 2023


This is your opportunity to help drive the future of tree care practices! The ANSI-Accredited Standards Committee A300 for Tree Care Standards is revising, consolidating and renaming all 10 current ANSI A300 standards into one manual. The public review period to comment on this consolidation is open until February 13, 2023.

The 10 current standards include:

  • Part 1 – Pruning
  • Part 2 – Soil Management
  • Part 3 – Supplemental Support Systems
  • Part 4 – Lightning Protection System
  • Part 5 – Management of Trees and Shrubs During Site Development and Construction
  • Part 6 – Planting and Transplanting
  • Part 7 – Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM)
  • Part 8 – Root Management
  • Part 9 – Tree Risk Assessment
  • Part 10 – Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

These will be consolidated into one unified standard, the A300 Tree Care Standards.

That means there will now be one document with an initial section in the front. Here you will be able to find general information about the A300 tree care standards. Then the document has 10 sections, one to address each of the current 10 parts of the standard. At the end of the document, there will be one unified list of definitions.

The new, consolidated standard streamlines use of the standard and makes navigation and specification writing more efficient.

Don’t miss your opportunity to help the industry create the best possible standard by reviewing the public-review document. If you have a suggestion for improvement, you may provide that using one of the following methods:

If you require a response, provide an official public comment:

  • All official comments must be made online, using this web form: located here.
  • After you click the link, you will be asked to log in before you can submit comments.
  • New users will need to register with TCIA first, by clicking the “Create a New Account” link under the login.
  • The ANSI-accredited A300 committee will review your comment and provide an official, written response.

If you do not require a response, provide an unofficial comment:

  • You may provide unofficial comments directly to your A300 committee representative if you do not need an official response from the ANSI-accredited A300 committee.
  • You must review the list of committee members and contact them on your own.
  • Visit the A300 committee roster for a list of your representatives.
  • You will not receive an official written response using this method.

The public review period is open now and ends February 13, 2023.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam

    As an outsider to your organization, I see considerable merit in these ANSI guides for non-members and non-tree care professionals. For example, the global movement to plant trees to ameliorate the impact of global warming could benefit from readily available and low-cost/free access to the current Part 6 – Transplantation and Tree Planting. There are many not-for-profit and voluntary groups bringing together well-intentioned amateurs to plant millions, if not billions of trees in the next few years across the world. However, there are many well-documented cases of bad tree planting practices ruining trees in their middle years and causing their early demise e.g. girdling roots, constraining or non-rotting burlap and trees planted too deep burying their root flare. As a result, much of this admirable but amateur effort to reforest the globe will probably go to waste for want of information and some simple tree planting ‘rules’.
    So after the results of your consolidation, I hope at least the tree planting section can be removed from your paywall for easier public access to the carefully-considered and scientific tree planting knowledge imparted in these standards. In this way, so many future trees could benefit from better health and increased longevity after planting.
    In addition, I recommend that the TCIA take steps to bring some of these standards to life for public education and awareness purposes. Even a series of videos on a TCIA YouTube channel that bring to life tree planting best practice would help enormously. Obviously the content would have to be simplified from the professional tone and detail that the ANSI documents demand. But a series of ‘show and tell’ videos e.g. bare root planting, container planting, evergreen tree planting, deciduous tree planting, palm tree planting would go down very well. I, for one, would be happy to help promote such communications and I am sure others in the industry would leverage their own networks too.
    Best of Luck with your continued efforts in this important area.

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