Responding in kind…

At the beginning of March, our crew was doing a large job for Paxtang Boro that consisted of mostly tree removals of trees that were planted between the sidewalk and the curb and had outgrown the space in which they were originally planted. The job lasted for the entire week.

Apparently, one resident of the boro was not thrilled about the idea of the removal of the trees. When the crew came to work on one of the days, they found a Lorax drawing with a poem in the spirit of Lorax tied to one of the trees scheduled for removal. 

One of our crew members, Joshua McClymont, decided to respond to the resident with his own character’s reply in a friendly manner that also gave some education about tree planting. Attached you will find photos of both the resident’s Lorax, and Josh’s response that we thought other tree care companies might find humorous, so we wanted to share. 

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