Spotted Lanternfly: Get Ahead of It Now! (Audio)

Click below to listen to “Spotted Lanternfly: Get Ahead of It Now!” presented by Lucas Markley, Jon Schach and Julie Urban at TCI EXPO 2019 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The spotted lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula, is one of the most voracious invasive insects presently spreading across the northeastern U.S. Learn the latest information to help you guide your pest management decisions, and to prevent further damage to your customers’ high-value fruit trees and woody ornamental plants.

Lucas Markley, Markley Tree Care
Jon Schach, Good’s Tree Care
Dr. Julie Urban, Pennsylvania State University


  1. I am very interested in listening to this and seeing if there is anything the state of NH could/should be doing to stop SLF from establishing here.

    1. According to climatological predictions, some of New Hampshire will be simply too cold, the season will be too short for it to complete its life cycle. These northern and higher altitude locations will not support spotted lanternfly. Along the coast and in southern locations, the climate will likely support spotted lanternfly. I would remove as many Ailanthus altissima as possible as this plant is a key host for the development of spotted lanternfly. In small woodlots and in residential areas this would be possible. Because of Tree of Heavens ability to thrive in disturbed and minimally managed areas, the lanternfly will likely become established. These areas will serve as a reservoir for lanternflies that will invade landscapes. Fortunately, there are several chemicals including several listed for organic food production that are effective in controlling this pest. Unfortunately, attempts to eradicate this pest early in the infestation failed. Quarantines designed to slow the spread of lanternfly may help. They are easily overlooked and move as eggs on vehicles, lawn furniture, and other natural and human-made objects. Early detection of infestations and attendant interventions may help to slow the spread.

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