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Going “All In” with TCIA at Cumberland Valley Tree Service-Landscaping

George and Lisa Pogue credit their association with TCIA, as well as becoming an accredited company in 2007, as the key to building the confidence they needed to grow a successful business. Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping, a 24-year TCIA member company co-owned by George and his brother-in-law, Fred Schrom, was launched in 1978 […]

Is Aerial Rescue Worth Practicing?

Is aerial rescue worth practicing? The obvious answer is, “Yes!” You are probably one of those climbers who’s practiced aerial rescue (AR) several times. You’ve practiced dumping a training dummy out of the basket of a bucket truck. You may even have competed in the AR event at a climbing competition. If so, spectacular! Practicing […]

Not for the Knotless – Untying Rigging Knots

A knot in your calf, garlic knots, climbing knots, rigging knots, getting married – aka, tying the knot – or the early ’90s saying, “Not!” I’ve watched countless videos, heard many speakers and been trained several times over on “how to tie,” “when to use” and “the best” knots. I even led a discussion at […]

CTSP Keeps You Accountable

At Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping, the position of safety director was once a part-time role, paired with being a full-time crew leader. That was when this accredited, 22-year TCIA member company based in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, was a small operation. No more. With more than 90 employees, the position is now full time. Taking […]

Climbing SRS: How Do You Take Your Anchors?

How do you take your anchors? Up? On the rocks? Dirty? With a twist? Shaken, not stirred? I prefer mine twisted, backed up, with a loop. Excuse the puns, but as a 007 fan, I couldn’t resist. (Photo 1) This article will take a look at the minimum requirements for a base anchor in a […]

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