Pesticide Use & Environmental Hazards

Workers in yellow shirts and white hard hats standing in a circle outside with equipment.

Training Tree Crews on Wildland Fire Prevention and Suppression

The constant threat of wildland fire events seems to be growing more intense and destructive each year. Equipping arboricultural workers with the knowledge to address the looming risk of fires is critical to protecting not only the people on the ground, but the communities they serve. As tree work often turns into hazardous wildland fire […]

Wildfire Prevention and Suppression Training

A wildfire can be caused in an instant – a lightning strike, a lit cigarette thrown out of a car, misjudging wind while lighting a campfire, a tree limb striking an electrical line; these are just some of the many causes of forest fires. While mother nature can be extreme and unpredictable, we all play […]

Cold-Weather Work Safety Precautions

In cold-weather conditions, we tend to focus heavily on the care and operation of machinery, sometimes forgetting the importance of safe cold-weather work practices for the operators. It is important for employers and employees to understand appropriate measures for protecting the individual in the workplace during cold weather, recognizing it as one of the many […]

How to Avoid, Protect Yourself from and Recover from a Fire

Getting a phone call that your tree care business is up in flames is something no one ever wants to experience. Yet for the owners of several TCIA member companies, that’s precisely what happened, and the experience had the potential to be life changing and business altering. When the unthinkable happens, it’s too late to […]

Environmental Risks of Arboricultural Operations: Exposure to Weather and Electricity

The previous three articles in this series covered tree-worker incidents within the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics event categories of Contact with an Object (divided into the two sub-categories of Struck-by or Caught-in) and Falls. These are three of the four horsemen of the arboricultural apocalypse. This article will cover the event category Harmful Substances […]

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