Chainsaw Safety & Maintenance

Making A Case for In-Tree Chain-Saw Protection

Another year has arrived, and once again the tree industry finds itself high on the list of America’s most dangerous jobs. Surprise! Tree work is dangerous – something about climbing 100-foot-tall trees attached to a 1/2-inch rope while wielding a high-powered chain saw really makes for a hazardous work environment. Fortunately, much of the risk […]

Chain-Saw Injuries: Us Versus Them

Chain saws are among the most basic tools for tree workers. While we once performed pruning and felling with one- and two-person crosscut saws, no one would want to return to those days. The chain saw is also the power tool we most share in common with homeowners. Most people do not own an aerial […]

Clogger Ascend All-Season Chain-Saw Pants

Phil Rogers debuted Clogger’s Ascend chain-saw pants in the Unboxing Ring at the 2019 TCI EXPO in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When you take a new pair of Clogger Ascend pants out of the box, you get the care and maintenance information, that generous warranty, an awesome sticker you can plaster around the world and, of course, […]

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