Tree on a roof showing a difficult tree removal

Dealing with Difficult Tree Removals

There is nothing more difficult and exhilarating than being challenged to remove a tree that doesn’t fit the norm. The biggest risk I see with this proposition would be not giving the situation the level of thought, creativity and focus it requires. Attempting to perform the task by doing things the way “they’ve always been […]

Hobbs H2 lowering device

Mentoring New Climbers

People always ask me, “Why did you want to become a climber?” While there is really no easy answer to that question, I guess I can just say that I have always had a fascination with heights and how to get up something. Unfortunately, while growing up and getting into tree climbing, I never had […]

Tree trunk with cables and ropes up close

Climbing and Rigging Critical-Risk Ash Trees

Trees killed by emerald ash borer (EAB) can be dangerous to climb and rig. In this article, we’ll look at felling, climbing and rigging critical-risk trees killed by EAB. A quick EAB refresher Emerald ash borer was first discovered in the United States in southeastern Michigan in 2002, but experts think it probably was introduced […]

Looking down from up in a tree worker in orange shirt and black helmet tying green rope around cut tree trunk

Taking Friction Into the Canopy

Trends are phenomena that sweep through our culture constantly. Some are new and original, others a rendition of those that came before. Then there are those that resurface. The rediscovery of something that had previously come and gone. The tree world is no different. However long you’ve been in tree care, you’ve likely seen at […]

Aerial view looking down at a metal roof with a tree banch and a worker in a white bucket truck

Choosing the Right Anchor Point

Many of us can vividly remember when we began in this industry. We looked up into trees to watch what that experienced person was doing and likely felt as if there was some bit of magic happening. The ropes, the climbing, the equipment and the drop zones. Oh, the drop zones. I can still see […]

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