Contribute to TCI Magazine

There are a number of free ways to contribute to TCI Magazine, and some even get you paid!

Whether you are sharing a new, innovative product with the industry, or providing valuable lessons to less seasoned arborists, TCI Magazine provides the best opportunities to get your educational and interesting message out to the tree care industry. Click here to view the 2024 editorial calendar.

Some of those ways include:

Cutting Edge Products – Share your new products or services, and we may highlight for free in TCI Magazine. Send us a 150 – 200 word technical description as well as a hi-res photo that highlights what makes your product new and different, and how it specifically affects the tree care industry.

Product Review – Product Review is a regular feature of TCI Magazine. The primary goal of a product review video is to educate tree care workers and to give them options for their daily work tasks. Products selected for review are based on innovation (how is this different than similar products?) and unique design.

Arborist Skills – The Arborist Skills feature of TCI Magazine depicts experienced field arborists demonstrating useful tree work tasks. These are mini-lessons of certain segments of tree work that new employees can learn from, and veteran employees can capture new ways of doing things. 

TCI Magazine Blog – Are you an expert on a tree care topic that you think could help the industry, or have a piece of news from the industry you’d like to share? Contributing to our blog is a less formal way to contribute to TCI Magazine and share your work with the world!

All we need is 500-1000 words on a topic, as well as hi-resolution pictures to accompany your post. You’ll also be setup as an author so you can respond to comments on your post (and get credit for the hard work you’ve done!). Please send along a headshot and your credentials as well so people can put a face to the name.

The blogs will still be proofed by TCIA staff, so keep the photos safe and the grammar tight!

While we can’t run everything we get, if something you submit piques our interest, we will be sure to reach out and give you credit for your submission!

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