Professional Liability & Workers Comp Insurance

Your crane generates for your company on a weekly basis? If it is out of service, are you covered for that?

Inland Marine Insurance: New Realities When Insuring Cranes, Lifts

In this article, we are going to discuss inland marine insurance policies, including equipment valuation, coverages and options, focusing primarily on insuring aerial lifts and cranes. Many TCI Magazine readers are well versed in what inland marine coverage is and how it works, but let’s start with a quick background and explanation of the coverage.Inland […]

A Bird’s-Eye View of Insuring Safety in the Tree Care Industry

Have you ever looked up while thinning the crown of a specimen tree and noticed a feathered friend looking down on you? If that friend could communicate with you, they would probably squawk, “What are you doing to my home, and why are you swinging limb to limb between branches with sharp, heavy objects?” Although […]

Your Fleet Might Be Your Company’s Biggest Exposure

Have you ever considered what is at stake when allowing an employee to drive a company vehicle? First, it is the entrustment of company equipment. Equipment costs money. Some of it costs a lot of money. The sales arborist’s car, a chip truck towing a chipper, a grapple-saw truck – these are significant company investments […]

Large-Client Contracts – Insurance Ramifications and the Contractual Risk – Management Process

As your business providing tree services to residential and small-business owners develops, it is not uncommon to run across the opportunity to work for larger buyers of arbor services. Large-property owners, including HOAs (homeowners associations), municipalities, golf courses and others, obviously need arbor services. Many of these property owners have substantial budgets for tree care […]

Misconceptions About Property-Insurance Coverage for Trees on Houses

Disclaimer: The following article discusses generalities of property-insurance policies and is not to be taken as legal advice or definitive information about specific coverages or specific loss. Every policy is different, and to interpret each policy, the insured must consult a licensed public adjuster or an attorney in their state. With the internet enabling the […]

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