The updated cover of the newly revised “The Tree Climber’s Companion,” by Jeff Jepson.

The Well-Prepared Climber

The following is an excerpt from the newly revised “The Tree Climber’s Companion,” by Jeff Jepson. This excerpt, mostly new content from Part 1 of the revision, was adapted for TCI Magazine by Jeff Jepson. Do you know anybody who bought a parachute through a mail-order surplus store and went sky diving without instruction? I […]

Jacob Reyes, left, and Tighe Holden practice a rescue. Keep it low and slow when training and without the aid of a dummy.

Climbing Efficiency

When it comes to teaching climbing in the tree care industry, we need to focus more on strategy and efficiency. Like most of you, I started on the ground, watching. Generally, that seems like the first step for any wannabe climber. You watch to get a sense of what a climber does. In this country, […]

Photo 1a: Stuck friction saver. Arrow shows where to connect the carabiner. Photo 1b: Isolate the line so that one leg of the line is close to the friction saver.

Well, $#!+: What to Do When Things Go Wrong in Tree Climbing

We all like to talk about, or at least think about, how we are the picture of perfection when it comes to tree work. However, once we really make a mess of the simplest task – maybe involving a throw line at a 25-foot union – we quickly abandon our delusions of grandeur. Next we […]

The author, shown here, proposes that proper work positioning can improve safety, productivity and longevity on the job.

The One Thing to Rule Them All

Back in November 2023, at TCI EXPO in St. Louis, Missouri, I gave a presentation titled “The One Thing to Rule Them All.” The premise of the presentation was based upon finding one thing we can focus on in our day-to-day work to help with our longevity in the industry, to make sound decisions on […]

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