Arboriculture Best Practices

Removal of the tree left the property exposed

Taking the 10th: The Guide Is Just a Guide, I Guess

The opposing attorney walked toward me jauntily. “So, have you heard the one about how many opinions one would receive when employing 10 arborists to appraise a tree?” “Yes. Do you know what one would call 100 lawyers in a basement?” I replied. To myself. Hours after the trial was over. “Ha, ha” was my […]

Introducing the Newly Designed ANSI A300 Tree Care Standards

In the world of tree care and arboriculture, the ANSI A300 standards have long been regarded as the gold standard for industry practices. This collection of 10 standards, which covers various aspects of tree care, has provided essential guidelines to arborists, urban foresters, horticulturists and landscape architects and contractors for decades. However, a group of […]

A Guide to the Pruning Decision Process

As arborists, pruning is a very important part of our work. Most arborists and horticulturalists are passionate about pruning. Most enjoy pruning and believe in their methods. The question is, how do you know what’s right? Pruning should be more than just removing branches. Before you prune trees and shrubs, you need to ask a […]

Head Protection: Selection, Care and Retiring of Helmets

It was just another workday for Tom. The gear was loaded on the truck, everyone piled in and then the drive to the morning’s worksite. The crew had worked together for a couple of years, so everyone knew what their role was, and without much discussion the process of dismantling the two large cottonwoods began. […]

Korey Conry Is All In with Remote Training

During the last two years, TCIA has been making many of its training courses and materials available online, and one of the more recent remote-learning opportunities to go live is the Electrical Hazards Awareness Program, or EHAP. Over the next year, TCIA will transition its remaining training courses for tree workers to a completely online […]

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