Video – Arborist Skills – The Basics of the Big Shot

If you are young, scrappy and hungry, don’t like throwin’ away your shot (with a nod to Hamilton) and just want to place your climbing line in a tree, then give a Big Shot a try. These heavy-duty slingshots-on-a-stick, available from Notch Equipment and Jameson, can really improve your distance and accuracy with a throwline, […]

Video – Pruning Peach Trees in the Backyard

Watch Tchukki Andersen describe how to rehab two little peach trees for fruit production. Click here to read the full article. Are they the most optimal tree stock in the most optimal growing site? Of course not. Additionally, they had the bejeesus “pruned” out of them three years ago, leaving the homeowner wondering why they […]

Video-Dovetail Workwear Product Review

Watch Alliyie Shults review the Performance Work Hoodie and Britt Utility pants made by Dovetail Workwear. Dovetail Workwear clothing is built specifically for women’s bodies and constructed to last. Alliyie Shults is a climber with the Meredith, New Hampshire, office of Chippers Inc., a Davey Tree company. This review reflects the thoughts and opinions […]

TCI Magazine Inaugurates First Editorial Advisory Committee

TCI Magazine recently created the TCI Magazine Editorial Advisory Committee. The purpose of the group is to provide subject-matter expertise to TCI’s editorial team (inclusive of magazine, website and blog) on trending issues and depictions of proper or improper practice, as well as to provide other input as needed. The goal is to maintain TCI […]

Product Review Video – ECHO CS-7310P chainsaw by Chris Girard

Watch Chris Girard, CTSP give a product review for ECHO’s CS-7310P chainsaw. Click here to read the TCI Magazine March 2021 article. “The ECHO CS-7310P – for the price, you can’t beat it. It could be a great entry tool if you’re just starting out in the field, as well as a daily-use saw for […]

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