Video – Bumper Stump: Can You Cut It?

Watch Mike Teti, from Custom Climber Service, Sellersville, PA, perform a flare-lock cut. Click here to read the July 2021 TCI Magazine article. This cut is commonly known as the flare-lock cut. Basically, the chain-saw operator cuts protruding tabs, feet or “bumpers” into the base of the trunk flare that keep the piece from swinging […]

Audio – Rigging in Tight Quarters

Listen to Lawrence Schultz discuss “Rigging in Tight Quarters”, recorded from his presentation during the TCI Virtual Summit 2021 in January. Lawrence Schultz is an ISA Certified Arborist and an ISA Certified Municipal Specialist working as a contract climber in the San Francisco Bay area of California. Click here to read TCI Magazine’s July 2021 […]

Video – Husqvarna 525DEPS MADSAW Dielectric Pole Saw

Watch John Haehnel, II, CTSP, and Chris Venditto of Tree Tech, Inc., review Husqvarna’s 525DEPS MADSAW Dielectric Pole Saw. The really impressive thing about the Madsaw is that it is the only insulated, gas-powered pole saw on the market. (“Mad” is for minimum-approach- distance. The DEPS stands for dielectric pole saw.) It states on the […]

Video – HAIX Protector Ultra Cut Resistant Work Boot – Product Review

Watch Travis Vickerson, CTSP, QCL review the HAIX Protector Ultra Cut Resistant Work Boot. Click here to read the full article from TCI Magazine June 2021. The very first impression you get when you pick up the HAIX Protector Ultra work boots is how incredibly solid they feel. It is immediately apparent that they are […]

Video – Arborist Skills – The Basics of the Big Shot

If you are young, scrappy and hungry, don’t like throwin’ away your shot (with a nod to Hamilton) and just want to place your climbing line in a tree, then give a Big Shot a try. These heavy-duty slingshots-on-a-stick, available from Notch Equipment and Jameson, can really improve your distance and accuracy with a throwline, […]

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