Product Review Video – ECHO CS-7310P chainsaw by Chris Girard

Watch Chris Girard, CTSP give a product review for ECHO’s CS-7310P chainsaw. Click here to read the TCI Magazine March 2021 article. “The ECHO CS-7310P – for the price, you can’t beat it. It could be a great entry tool if you’re just starting out in the field, as well as a daily-use saw for […]

Getting Hooked on Traversing Video

Presented by Tchukki Andersen – When tree climbers talk about traversing, they are referring to the action of moving horizontally through the treetops to cross spans of distance without having to descend. This practice really speeds up a climb and allows the climber to move easily within a spreading tree or even to adjacent trees. […]

Talking About Chain Saw Pants

Cut-resistant chain-saw pants should be a part of any tree workers PPE. Click here to read the article. Erick Palacios, CTSP was training contract workers to fell and remove thousands of trees damaged by the many wildfires. They came from different parts of the U.S., and everyone had their favorite brand of cut-resistant pants. Erik […]

Chat with the Virtual Summit’ 21 keynote speakers

Has this ever happened to you? You go to a tree care conference with the hope of talking directly to one of the featured industry speakers. They finish their amazing talk, and are immediately encircled by a horde of adoring arborist fans in what seems like a human-wall 30 heads deep. You flare your elbows […]

Arborist Skills: Bend-and-Swing Rigging (Video)

Watch Chris Girard remove two bent birch trees (leaders) that were overhanging a beach. We couldn’t just drop them into the lake, because we had no way to fish them out of the water. They would be partially submerged and ridiculously heavy underwater, and they were already full-length leaders weighing close to, well, let’s just […]

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