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Curiosity in Leadership

What does leadership mean in our world? What does it mean to me and to others? I’m curious about leadership. A good friend once gave me her definition of curiosity as “exuberant ignorance.” I love this definition because it brings a positive tone to the phenomenon of “not knowing” and the word “ignorance,” which is […]

customer expectations

Mind the Gap: What to Do When Customer Expectations and Reality Collide

“I don’t understand. This hotel has no restaurant, no concierge and no valet. It’s not at all what I expected. The place had no standards.” – Guest at a roadside motel “I showed her the picture of Jennifer Aniston and asked for the same haircut. She cut my hair, but I still don’t look a […]

Denny Deakins with his wife, Dawna, and their son, Sean

TreeHugger Hopes to Encourage Others Through Accreditation

Dawna Deakins, whose husband, Denny, and son, Sean, co-own TreeHugger Complete Tree Care, based in the greater Des Moines area of Iowa, says she wants to promote TCIA Accreditation in the hope of encouraging other small tree care companies to pursue the credential. “We had the grit, grace, and dreams of most small-business owners, but […]

Find the Time

As busy professionals, we all have way too much to do every day. Selling work, scheduling work, managing our people, etc. Sometimes we are busy being busy. How do we make time to engage our employees? Whether it is a formal training event or just a brief conversation, how do you make your people feel […]

Group Think vs. Safety Culture

When I think about how industry in general approaches the analysis of an incident, several specific areas of focus come to mind. We look at the outcome, events, work methods, tools, environmental factors and personnel training. We research standard operating procedures and company safety policies. Prior safety records are analyzed. Additionally, third-party groups can be […]

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