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Krista Strating

Nurturing Arboriculture: Insights From Seasoned Arborists on Career Pathways and Inspiring the Next Generation

Arboriculture, the art and science of cultivating and managing trees, stands as a noble profession deeply rooted in environmental stewardship and community service. To shed light on the multifaceted nature of this field and inspire others, we turn to the experiences and wisdom of three seasoned professionals and members of Husqvarna’s H-Team: Krista Strating, Johnny […]

Equipment Finance

Building Financial Strength for Arborists: Key Steps for Business Growth

As an arborist, expanding your business requires industry expertise and a solid financial foundation. Building a strong financial standing is fundamental in setting your business up for current and future success. Let’s delve into key steps to enhance your financial profile and attract competitive financing solutions for your arbor business.  Educational Sponsored Content 1. Maximize […]

crane was set up with a different cribbing configuration for each outrigger

Cribbing a Crane for Tree Work

One of the greatest challenges in mechanized tree care – how to set up a crane on grass – became a focal point at a recent OSHA hearing. I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you the cribbing procedures utilized by David Happ and Marquis Tree Service in addressing this challenge. Personally, I’ve […]

Husqvarna launches the 542i XP,

Full Throttle: New Husqvarna Battery Chain Saws Have a Feel Traditionalists Will Like

To help us understand where we are today, Ben McDermott, Husqvarna North America senior product manager, takes us back to the beginning – all the way back to 2020. “That’s when this battery-chain-saw journey kind of started for us. It’s when we launched the (T)540i XP and 540i XP. These were our first 40cc-equivalent, battery-powered […]

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