Electrical Hazards Awareness


EHAP Revision, Chapter 2, Part 1: Electrical Hardware Recognition: Voltage-Management and Protective Devices

Basic terminology and how the electric-power system works from generation to the end consumer was covered in Part 1 of this series (TCI Magazine, October 2023). This article will focus on the distribution system. Trees are often near these lines, so arborists need to be familiar with the associated electrical-system equipment. Arborists need to be […]

Voltage generated at the power plant

Electricity and the Utility Industry

Electricity is such an integral part of our daily lives that we take it for granted. We flip the switch on the wall, and the lights come on. We give no thought about where it came from or how. But to safely work around overhead power lines, it is essential that arborists understand the basics […]

Open land with electricity transmission lines

Incidental Line Clearance: What Arborists Need to Know About Working Around Electric Utilities

Electricity is the only product that is consumed the moment it is created, from the point of generation to end users, through a complex grid of towers, poles, wires and various types of hardware. The vast majority of the grid is above ground, where it often shares space with trees as well as the people […]

Tan house with a woman standing by a white fence with electrical wires in front.

Tree-Related Electrical Incidents: Us vs. Them

This article is a continuation of the series “Us Versus Them” (see sidebar), contrasting the nonfatal injuries of arborists and the public that occurred while using common arboricultural tools. Past articles have focused on chain saws, chippers/shredders, hand saws/pole saws and aerial devices/ladders. This is the first in the series to discuss arboricultural operations rather […]

Staying Safe While Performing Line Clearance in California Snow

A string of severe snow storms affecting California this winter resulted in a statewide snowpack that on March 3rd measured 177% of the daily average. The previous record for a single day was achieved in 1969, when the snowpack reached 263% of the daily average. So, as of March 3rd, this is the deepest the […]

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