Diversity & Inclusion

Champion climber Krista Strating instructing at a Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop.

Breaking Through the Tree Canopy with Nicole Benjamin

One community in tree care work is increasing, and that would be the league of extraordinary women. “It’s definitely growing, we’re not so much an outlier anymore. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a boys’ club, but at the same time it’s not weird to just be with all guys,” says Nicole Benjamin, tree climber, […]

Creating Inclusive Work Environments at Tree Care Companies

An inclusive work environment will drive performance, improve safety and increase production and profitability. A diverse workforce brings a varied set of experiences and ideas that will contribute to the overall success of the team by reinforcing the value of all members. Understanding what inclusivity is and how to create a culture of inclusion isn’t […]

Geezers Climb Because They Can … and for Many Other Reasons

Geezers – now called Legend of the Geezers – is an opportunity for older climbers, those with the regular tree-climbing championships in their rearview mirror, to still take part in competitive tree climbing. It takes place each January in Florida (no big surprise there, right?). Those who take part, whether as climbers, organizers, volunteers or […]

Training Employees from Underserved Populations

Training employees is one of the primary challenges of any company. If that employee comes from an underserved-population demographic, then that just adds another layer of complexity to the training task. Depending on who you ask and what industry that person is in, you will hear a wide range of what training is. If you […]

Lost in Translation: Leo Roldan Helps Spanish-Speaking Arborists Comprender

Leo Roldan is un hombre en una misión, a man on a mission. As district safety-trainer coordinator in Mamaroneck, New York, for SavATree, a 35-year TCIA member company headquartered in Bedford, N.Y., he oversees training for the district’s arborists, many of whom are Spanish speaking. He earned his Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP) credential 10 […]

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