Video-Arborist Skills: Throwline Basics

Watch Jake Carufel demonstrate throw-line tips during TCI EXPO ’21 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Being organized and systematic in your approach to using a throw line will keep tangles, and your frustration, to a minimum. You want a system that makes it quick and easy to make repeated throws into a tree because, let’s face it, […]

Video – Soil excavation techniques using both and pneumatic air tool and hand tools

This is a demonstration of soil excavation techniques using both and pneumatic air tool and hand tools. The trick is to expose lateral roots without harming the finer roots if at all possible. Harrison McPhee Inc. generously donated their time and expertise to this demonstration.

Video – Two Aerial-Lift Rescue Methods

Aerial Lift Rescue training by Cranes101 and Stanley Tree Service. Click here to read the complete article. As workers in the tree care industry, we, collectively, agree that more time should be dedicated to aerial-rescue training, especially scenarios involving tree climbers. But how much time is dedicated to emergency situations involving an arborist aloft in […]

Video – Canopy Anchors, Part 1

A canopy anchor is a climbing system that anchors the rope in the canopy of a tree. While a moving rope system (MRS) typically uses a canopy anchor (or tie-in point), a stationary rope system (SRS) creates the option of a canopy or basal anchor. Why would we use a canopy anchor? When is it […]

Video – Selecting Cut-Resistant Leg Protection

Watch Travis Vickerson discuss why we wear chain-saw protection, including cut-resistant chaps or pants, in the first place. A big myth out there is that if you wear chain-saw protection and it gets cut, you can walk away unaffected. Hopefully you can. But wearing chain-saw protection is more like a bandage than a bulletproof shield […]

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