Video – Selecting Cut-Resistant Leg Protection

Watch Travis Vickerson discuss why we wear chain-saw protection, including cut-resistant chaps or pants, in the first place. A big myth out there is that if you wear chain-saw protection and it gets cut, you can walk away unaffected. Hopefully you can. But wearing chain-saw protection is more like a bandage than a bulletproof shield […]

Video-Product Review: Unboxing Ring featuring the Petzl Eject Adjustable Friction Saver

TCI EXPO, TCIA’s annual conference and trade show, will be held in person this fall, November 4-6 2021, in Indianapolis, Indiana. We’re giving you a peak at the product-debut platform, the TCI Magazine Unboxing Ring, that will be in the TCI Magazine booth on the show floor. As an example, one of the newer products […]

Video-Stay SHARP: 5 Branches of Tree Worker Health and Fitness video series

SHARP is the focus of a mini video series, “Stay SHARP – 5 Branches of Tree Worker Health and Fitness,” that Jonathan Corbin, CTSP, is developing with TCIA. Each piece of SHARP will be highlighted. These videos will be released here progressively over the next three to five months. SHARP is an acronym to help […]

Video – Bumper Stump: Can You Cut It?

Watch Mike Teti, from Custom Climber Service, Sellersville, PA, perform a flare-lock cut. Click here to read the July 2021 TCI Magazine article. This cut is commonly known as the flare-lock cut. Basically, the chain-saw operator cuts protruding tabs, feet or “bumpers” into the base of the trunk flare that keep the piece from swinging […]

Video – Husqvarna 525DEPS MADSAW Dielectric Pole Saw

Watch John Haehnel, II, CTSP, and Chris Venditto of Tree Tech, Inc., review Husqvarna’s 525DEPS MADSAW Dielectric Pole Saw. The really impressive thing about the Madsaw is that it is the only insulated, gas-powered pole saw on the market. (“Mad” is for minimum-approach- distance. The DEPS stands for dielectric pole saw.) It states on the […]

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