Rigging Tools: An Overview for Ground Technicians

Let’s take a look at old-school, natural-union rigging and what it created – friction! This same principle is in play with the new rigging rings that are becoming more and more prevalent in the industry. A rigging ring creates consistent friction aloft, just as a port-a-wrap or bollard-type lowering device would at ground level. It’s […]

Product Review: Granberg G777 Alaskan Small Log Mill

Richard Jones performs a product review on the Granberg G777 Alaskan Small Log Mill. The Alaskan Small Log Mill is a portable chain-saw attachment that allows you to slab out logs for either live-edge projects or to begin the process for dimensional lumber. This attachment is intended for guide bars of 20 inches or less […]

Arborist Skills – Detecting Wood Decay Fungi

Wood-decay fungi are a very important category involving risk management, since wood-decay fungi often can increase the inherent risk of a tree. However, fungal identification often is overlooked in our industry. This results in tree care workers misidentifying fungal fruiting bodies, which can mean danger for them and homeowners. Watch Christine Balk discuss how to […]

Product Review: Clogger Ascend all-season chain-saw pants

Watch Phil Rogers debut Clogger’s Ascend chain-saw pants in the Unboxing Ring at the 2019 TCI EXPO in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Phil Rogers is sales and marketing director for the Clogger brand of chain-saw protective clothing, owned by Zenitec, a manufacturer of specialty textile-based products based in Invercargill, New Zealand. This review reflects the thoughts and […]

Arborist Skills – Climber Work Positioning

Ascent and descent make up a small percentage of what occurs during tree-climbing operations. Much of the time in the canopy is spent in a work position. When we stop climbing to accomplish the specific tasks/objectives of the job order, we must position ourselves in a manner not only to safely accomplish the task but […]

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