Three people holding a sign for Hoppe Tree Service.

Opening the Door for the Next Generation of Arborists

In June 2023, I was able to participate in a special event – a high-school-apprenticeship signing and graduation ceremony at my local high school in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. The event had the look and vibe of a high-school student athlete signing up to play for a major college sports team. It was complete with a fancy, […]

Raising Professionalism with Arborist Apprenticeship

Is apprenticeship the key to solving our workforce shortage? Is apprenticeship the answer to the training and retention of employees? Will apprenticeship elevate our industry into a recognized skilled trade? It would be amazing if the answer were yes, but the Registered Arborist Apprenticeship program is not a silver bullet. However, it is an important […]

Headshot of TCIA Board Member, August Hoppe

My Industry Friends Tell Me We Are Going Back to Normal

One of the intangible benefits of being a card-carrying member of TCIA is the network of industry friends you develop over the years. The longer you are a member, the more of these friends you can accumulate and develop important relationships with. My mother runs a small travel agency in Milwaukee, and tells me her […]

Headshot of a man with a beard

Getting the Word Out About Quality Tree Care

“Trees need care – trust professionals.” This is a simple message the readers of this fine magazine are sure to understand. However, there is often a disconnect when we look at making this statement understood by the broader public. There is still work to be done in letting our clients, elected officials and the general […]

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