Keepers of the Trees

The tree care industry has experienced significant changes in the last decade, with equipment and communication advancing how many of us do business. Across the developments within arboriculture, the equipment always seems to steal the show. Everyone loves the large, backyard portable buckets and the 100-foot grapple saws. But how are we advancing the art […]

The Times, They Are A-Changin’

From my perspective, TCI EXPO ’22, held November 10-12 in Charlotte, North Carolina, was the best TCI EXPO ever! The energy buzzing through the conference center early Thursday morning was more than pent-up Covid-19 demand. It seemed everyone was talking about this new energy and a different feel in the air than in previous years […]

Climbing Skills Remain Essential

What an incredible experience was had at TCI EXPO in Indianapolis this past November. The buzz from the showroom floor was centered around the evolution of equipment in our industry. Taller, bigger, faster continues to be the progression of equipment – really impressive stuff. However, the skill that true climbing arborists possess cannot be replaced […]

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