Sopladores de mochila: ¿Sabías?

Backpack Blowers: Did You Know? Cuando las empresas forestales hablan de capacitación, las discusiones a menudo se centran en operaciones de aparejos, uso de moto sierras, Programa de TCIA Concientizacion sobre peligros Electricos o rescate aéreo. Pero, ¿con qué frecuencia su empresa ha recibido formación específica sobre el uso de sopladores de mochila? Es posible […]

Bumper Stump: Can You Cut It?

What? Bumper stump? No-move crane pick? Is this article a poor English translation of another language? Let’s clear this up: This article describes a type of cut made to the butt log of a tree to hold it perfectly still during a crane pick. This cut would be useful in situations where that log must […]

Transferencia de cubo a árbol: Permanezca en el Aire

Transferring from Bucket to Tree: Stay in the Air A veces, el elevador aéreo simplemente no puede acceder a donde debe estar en el árbol. Aquí hay una breve introducción sobre cómo transferir cuidadosamente su posición desde el interior o cubeta al interior del árbol. Nada de esto debe intentarse sin un entrenamiento previo en […]

Throwing Away Your Shot: The Basics of the Big Shot

If you are young, scrappy and hungry, don’t like throwin’ away your shot (with a nod to Hamilton) and just want to place your climbing line in a tree, then give a Big Shot a try. These heavy-duty slingshots-on-a-stick, available from  Notch Equipment and Jameson, can really improve your distance and accuracy with a throwline, […]

Video – Pruning Peach Trees in the Backyard

Watch Tchukki Andersen describe how to rehab two little peach trees for fruit production. Click here to read the full article. Are they the most optimal tree stock in the most optimal growing site? Of course not. Additionally, they had the bejeesus “pruned” out of them three years ago, leaving the homeowner wondering why they […]

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