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PHC technician Matt Parker treating an ash for emerald ash borer.

Education Is Key at Teacher’s Tree Service

Greg Ranallo’s company name, Teacher’s Tree Service, may allude to the years he spent as a public school teacher in Minnesota, but it still applies to his and his employees’ current arboricultural work. Teacher’s is a 17-year TCIA member company based in South Burlington, Vermont, and its crew members take the “teacher” part seriously. “I’d […]

Crews should have a dedicated rescue kit

Part 7, Chapter 5: Emergency Response and Aerial Rescue

Contact with electrical current is the third-leading source of fatal incidents among arborists. About three-quarters of these incidents are aloft, either to a climber or aerial device operator. This means arborists must know how to perform aerial rescue. They also must have first-aid and cardiopulmonary-resuscitation (CPR) skills to respond to an injury. Aerial rescue has […]

Tight tolerances.

Perplexed by Stranded Friction Savers

I don’t know why it always happens this way. Perhaps some kink in the time/space continuum? Even Einstein would be perplexed. Three-thirty on a Friday, end of the day, end of the week, by definition and circumstance the last climb till next week. Almost done, then, the friction saver fails to follow desire and dictate. […]

Jeremy Bishop/Unsplash, iStock

Curiosity in Leadership

What does leadership mean in our world? What does it mean to me and to others? I’m curious about leadership. A good friend once gave me her definition of curiosity as “exuberant ignorance.” I love this definition because it brings a positive tone to the phenomenon of “not knowing” and the word “ignorance,” which is […]

Bartlett Tree Experts in Johnson City, Tennessee. Photo courtesy of Scott Prophett.

TCIA Presents Safety Awards for 2023 Operations

TCIA annually presents safety awards recognizing individual and/or team actions that may have prevented an injury or saved a life, and for company programs or directives aimed at improving safety. Following here are the awards presented this year for operations in 2023, including the type of award; the individual, crew members or company being recognized; […]

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